January 15, 2015

ADHS Recruitment Requirements for J-1 Waiver Applications

The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) has become increasingly more demanding with regard to proof of recruitment efforts for J-1 waiver applicants. ADHS is requesting evidence of recruitment for the position prior to the six-month period before filing the J-1 waiver application. ADHS is also requiring (1) that recruitment efforts are specific to the type of position opening, especially with regard to specialists; (2) copies of invoices as well as copies of dated recruitment advertisements; and (3) a clear description of the recruitment results including the number of applicants and the dates each applied for the position.

We contacted ADHS and requested that ADHS return to the traditional practice of requiring proof of recruitment efforts during the six months prior to filing. However, until we get confirmation from ADHS to the contrary, those of you who wish to file for J-1 waiver are advised to start placing ads now for job positions for which you may be hiring a J-1 wavier physician next year.

If you need assistance with regard to the drafting and placement of ads that will meet the ADHS requirements, please contact paralegal Kerri Smith. Kerri can be reached at ksmith@breljelaw.com. Kerri can work with you to draft and place recruitment ads that will suffice for J-1 waiver purposes.

Only physicians who provide direct patient care, whether specialty or primary care, are eligible for J-1 waivers. Please contact our office if you have questions regarding J-1 wavier applications or any other immigration matter.

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