July 31, 2023

USCIS Second Random Selection Complete

This message is meant only for those clients who have filed an H-1B Cap Registration in the FY 2024 Cap Lottery. If that does not apply to you, you may ignore this message.

USCIS conducted a second lottery selection over the weekend (July 29,2023) and new selections were issued selection notices. We have contacted the employers of those who were selected. H-1B selection notices are specific to employer and employee, employers cannot substitute another employee for the new lottery selection notice and employees cannot submit an H-1B petition with an employer not listed on the H-1B selection notice. Selection notices state that the H-1B petition will need to be filed between August 2, 2023 and October 31, 2023. As with previous selections, the selection notices state the service center where the petition needs to be filed. We will strive to file applications prior to October 1. Depending on the number of extra selections and filings, a third round is possible.

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